Delhi Gang-rape Victim is Jyoti Singh Pandey

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Washington, DC – The father of an Indian woman who was gang-raped in Delhi and later died told a British newspaper her name should be made public so she can serve as an inspiration to other victims of sexual crimes.

The father told Britain’s Sunday People newspaper: “We want the world to know her real name.”

Indian law protects sex crime victims by prohibiting identification but Badri Singh Pandey told Britain’s “Sunday People” newspaper he wanted the world to know the name of his daughter, Jyoti Singh Pandey.

Indian minister for education, Shashi Tharoor, whose writings appear on a regular basis on Indian America Today had earlier urged authorities to reveal the name so it can be used for a new anti-rape law. The woman, 23, died last weekend in a hospital in Singapore from injuries suffered during last month’s attack.

Tharoor wrote: “Unless her parents object, she should be honored and the revised anti-rape law named after her. She was a human being with a name, not just a symbol.”

The father told the Sunday People: “My daughter didn’t do anything wrong, she died while protecting herself.

“I am proud of her. Revealing her name will give courage to other women who have survived these attacks. They will find strength from my daughter.”

“Death for all six of them. These men are beasts. They should be made an example of and that society will not allow such things to happen,” he reiterated the demand for death penalty for them.

Five men have been charged with abduction, rape and murder. A sixth suspect is expected to be tried as a juvenile.

In another high-handedness of Indian law and order officials, Indian police filed a case against broadcaster Zee News after it carried an interview with the friend who was with the victim during the attack.

The victim’s friend was not named but his face was shown and police are investigating whether Zee News broke broadcasting laws relating to disclosure of the victim’s identity.

A pre-court hearing for the five was held in the Saket area of the Indian capital on Saturday and the men have been summoned to appear in court on Monday.

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