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Kolkata – Cookbooks by celebrity chefs feature dishes that not only need exotic ingredients but also take a long time to cook! This could be a gourmand’s delight but of little use to someone in the family kitchen who has to provide a healthy yet pleasant lunch, dinner and snacks to  his or her loved ones every day!

The Joy of Cooking by Indira Mukhopadhyay (Mukerjee) aims to fulfill this everyday need. In a single book she has covered a wide range of recipes for soups, salads, fish, mutton, chicken, rice, parathas, breads and of course sweets that will help any homemaker deliver a complete meal everyday.

These recipes have been tested in the kitchen and have been published in Indira’s popular blog Krishnokolee’ R Kitchen since 2008. Now 89 of the best and most popular recipes have been collected in this book for the convenience and enjoyment of those who have been following her cooking adventures. You can order a paperback copy at or an eBook at

Indira Mukerjee is from Kolkata (Calcutta), India and you can follow her on her literary activities on her blog

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