Ambassadorial Farewell for H. E. Kaha Imnadze

Proves the UN Ideals to “form a more perfect world” needs Multilateralism

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“Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow” as Amb. Imnadze goes to Canada

Such was the love – on open display – by all the diplomatic stalwarts present and in absentia during the July 9th Farewell Reception and Dinner in honor of dearest Lika & H.E. Kaha Imnadze hosted by Ranju Batra & I.

Since it was Eid on July 9th, I started the festivities with “Eid Mubarak!,” and honored Blessed Pope Francis’ recipe for peace: respect all faiths. This event started with an Invitation worthy of Amb. Imnadze’s many accomplishments, some perpetual. The Invitation read:

Invitation to Honor & Celebrate Lika & H.E. Kaha Imnadze


World class diplomat, who has served Georgia with honor and distinction as her Permanent Representative since July 2013, always working to protect her sovereignty in full measure, while enhancing multilateral-based global peace & security with his many exceptional diplomatic accomplishments, including: Co-Chair IGN on Security Council Reform; and Co-Facilitator of the Political Declaration on Universal Health Coverage. He was the history-making host of the Dinner on October 10, 2016, which ultimately resulted in Georgia being a Co-Organizer of the “Diwali Stamp – Power of One Awards,” aka “Oscars of Diplomacy,” an annual event at the UN since 2016 to recognize and promote diplomatic excellence needed to “turn swords into plough shears.” He has made Georgia – and all of us – proud, while enhancing the vital role of the United Nations  “to form a more perfect world.”

Since Georgia had PR Kaha Imnadze serve for 9 years, he dealt with more than 193 PRs, and as a result we, as hosts, had the joy of relating to all diplomatic stars gathered that there were more diplomatic stars wishing Kaha well, than there were nations!


For brevity sake, at the start of the formal program, I relayed that fact, and then named a few diplomatic stars who sent their warmest wishes: H.E. Andrei Dapkiunas (Belarus; Lead Organizer of 2016 Diwali), H.E. Agshin Mehdiyev (Power of One Awardee (DPO – Azerbaijan)), H.E. Yuriy Sergeyev (DPO – Ukraine), H.E. Volodymyr Yelchenko (DPO – Ukraine), H.E. Yashar Aliyev  (Azerbaijan), H.E. Andrej Logar (DPO – Slovenia), H.E. Catherine Boura (DPO – Greece), H.E. Bostjan Malovrh (Slovenia), H.E. Nguyen Phuong (DPO – Viet Nam), H.E. Nicholas Emiliou (DPO – Cyprus), H.E. Frantisek Ruzicka (DPO – Slovakia), H.E. Kairat Abdrakhmanov (OSCE HCNM, DPO – FM Kazakhstan), H.E. Kairat Umarov (Kazakhstan), H.E. Magzhan Ilyassov (Kazakhstan), H.E. Ferit Hoxha (UNSC – Albania), H.E. Juan Ramon de la Fuente Ramirez (UNSC – Mexico), H.E. Miguel Angel Moratinos (FM Spain; HR UNAOC), H.E. Rosemary DiCarlo (USA; USG), H.E. Miroslav Jenca (Slovakia, ASG), H.E. Gheorghe Leuca (Moldova), H.E. Ion Botnaru (DPO – Moldova), H.E. Lakshmi Puri (UN Women, DPO – India), and the 77th President of the UN General Assembly H.E. Csaba KoRosi (Assistant to President Orban of Hungary).

Between Invitation and July 9th, we learned that dear H.E.Rodrigo Alberto Carazo Zeledón of Costa Rica was also leaving. So, he too, was honored on July 9th, with great wishes to carry back to Costa Rica and dear H.E. Juan Carlos Mendoza Garcia and family.

So, the highlight of the evening honoring Lika and Kaha were the numerous heartfelt warm, insightful, funny, and serious Toasts by our dear friends and diplomatic stars:

H.E. Valentin Rybakov, Belarus, as lead organizer of DPO, and who as DFM in 2016 spoke of Ranju Batra’s achievement as her “power of one”; a phrase that morphed into the creation of the Diwali Foundation USA and its annual “Diwali Stamp – Power of One” Award to recognize and promote diplomatic excellence at the UN, especially between adversaries, so as to achieve the UN Ideals and be able to “form a more perfect world”;

especially coming from mighty Washington DC were H.E. Jean-Claude do Rego (Benin) and H.E. Georgi Velikov Panayotov (Bulgaria);

          H.E. Maged Abdelaziz (DPO – Egypt) and H.E. Khaled Khiari (DPO – Tunisia);

special friends H.E. Teburoro Tito (Kiribati, frm head of state); H.E. Vanessa Frazier (UNSC – Malta); H.E. Mitch FiField (Australia);  H.E. Tarek El Adab (Tunisia); H.E. Olof Skoog (EU/Sweden King Gustaf King’s Medal, 12th size with Ribbon of the Order of Seraphim); H.E. Keisha McGuire (Grenada); H.E. Andrejs Pildegovics (Latvia); H.E. Sophia Tesfamariam (Eritrea); H.E. Lachezara Stoeva (Bulgaria); H.E. Jakub Kulhánek (Czech); H.E. Darja Bavdaz-Kuret (Senior Adv PGA76; Slovenia);  H.E. Neville Melvin Gertze (Namibia);  H.E. Elisenda Vives Balamana (Andorra); H.E. Mher Margaryan (Armenia); H.E. Mohan Pieris (Sri Lanka); H.E. Paula Narvaez Ojeda (Chile); H.E. Jonibek Hikmat (Tajikstan); H.E. Ivan Simonovic (Croatia); H.E. Lizzy Flores Flake (Honduras);  and H.E. Sofia Borges.

Au revoir…until we meet again, soon, in peace and in health…

Ravi Batra, Esq.
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