Ambassador Rao Praises Indian American Community at the Maryland General Assembly

Ambassador Rao with the Speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates, Michael Busch (extreme right) after her address at the House of Delegates on March 27, 2013. Others in the picture from left to right are: Delegate Sam Arora, Majority Leader Kumar Barwe and Delegate Aruna Miller

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Annapolis, Maryland – The role played by the growing Indian American community in advancing the India-US partnership was highlighted by the top Indian diplomat in the US at an address to the Maryland General Assembly in Annapolis on Wednesday.

Addressing both the House of Delegates and the State Senate, Nirupama Rao, the Indian Ambassador to the US, praised the Indian American community for “advancing the progress and well-being of the US.” Rao said, “They epitomize strong family values, educational excellence, creativity, innovation, high standards of professionalism, and dedication to your core democratic principles and traditions.”

In her address at the House of Delegates, Ambassador Rao described the legislature as a “Temple of Democracy” symbolizing the “fundamental bedrock” of democracy on which the India-US partnership is founded. She recalled the visit of Maryland’s Governor Martin O’Malley to India in 2011 and highlighted the growing interaction between Maryland and the India states in cooperative pursuits which were making a difference in the lives of people in both countries. Ambassador Rao was introduced to the delegates by House Speaker Michael Busch.

In the State Senate, Ambassador Rao was introduced by Senator Jim Rosapepe, who described her as the envoy of the world’s largest democracy. In her address from the Senate podium,Ambassador Rao expressed her deep appreciation to the Senators for the welcome extended to her and spoke of the India-US partnership as an indispensable part of India’s efforts to educate and empower its youth.

The state of Maryland, which surrounds the US capital on three sides, “has been one of the pioneers in this regard and we admire and are completely supportive of the initiatives you have taken in this regard,” she said.

Rao hoped that in the future “Maryland will build stronger and stronger ties with states in India, that are good for businesses in both our countries, in manufacturing, in services, in education, in research and technological innovation.

The Maryland General Assembly has three Indian American legislators: Majority Leader of the House of Delegates, Kumar Barve, Delegate Sam Arora, and Delegate Aruna Miller. In her remarks, Ambassador Rao praised their achievements, saying, “They are the bridge-builders of friendship between India and Maryland, particularly.”

The first legislature set up in the United States (predating the Capitol in Washington, DC), the Maryland General Assembly has a rich history. It was in the building of the State House that then General George Washington resigned from his commission of the Continental Army to become the first President of the United States.

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