Ambassador Dai Bing’s speech at the Security Council’s public meeting on Sudan

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March 7, 2024

Mr. President:

I thank Secretary-General Guterres for his briefing and welcome the Sudanese representative to attend today’s meeting.

The ongoing conflict in Sudan has caused a large number of civilian casualties and a serious humanitarian crisis, which is regrettable. The international community should work together to promote a political settlement of the Sudan issue and realize peace at an early date. I would like to make three points:

First, we must step up efforts to promote political settlement. Recently, conflicts have broken out repeatedly in many places in Sudan, causing immeasurable losses and expanding spillover effects. The most urgent issue at present is to cease fire and end the war as soon as possible. China has noticed some contacts between the two parties to the conflict. We call on all parties concerned to meet each other halfway, promote the deescalation and cooling of the situation as soon as possible, and create conditions for the launch of peace talks. At the same time, the conflict in Sudan has triggered a serious humanitarian crisis, and it is very important to ensure the access of humanitarian supplies. China welcomes the Sudanese government’s recent decision to open some crossing points to UN humanitarian agencies to facilitate humanitarian assistance. We call on the international community, especially traditional donors, to continue to increase assistance to Sudan and help the people of Sudan and regional countries alleviate humanitarian difficulties. China supports Ramallah, the Secretary-General’s personal envoy, in playing a greater role in promoting peace talks and easing the humanitarian situation.

Second, we need to support regional mediation efforts. China welcomes the efforts of the African Union, IGAD and Sudan’s neighboring countries to mediate the crisis in Sudan. China has noted the recent visit of the African Union High-Level Panel on Sudan to Sudan and the positive statements made by the Sudanese authorities. The Sudan issue is related to the overall peace and stability of the region. The international community must continue to support the African Union, IGAD and other regional organizations in playing a key role in the Sudan issue, respect Sudan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and avoid externally imposed solutions.

At the same time, when dealing with the Sudan issue, the Security Council must strengthen coordination with regional organizations such as the African Union and form synergy with regional mediation. The Security Council is currently discussing two draft resolutions on the Ramadan ceasefire in the Sudanese conflict and the authorization of the extension of the sanctions committee expert panel. China believes that relevant actions of the Security Council should contribute to diplomatic efforts and avoid intensifying conflicts. China is willing to actively participate in relevant discussions.

Third, the United Nations must continue to play a constructive role. Recently, UNMIS has completed its withdrawal in accordance with the requirements of Security Council Resolution 2715 and entered the asset liquidation process. As the Secretary-General pointed out in his report, the withdrawal of UNMIS does not mean the end of cooperation between the United Nations and Sudan. China hopes that the United Nations can communicate candidly with Sudan and jointly explore cooperation that meets Sudan’s actual needs. At the same time, we must summarize the success and failure experience of UNSU, effectively enhance mutual trust in future cooperation with Sudan, and provide tangible support for Sudan’s peaceful development.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.


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