Alumni Present State of the Art Ambulance to IIT Kharagpur

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Kharagpur (India)/Washington, DC – An ambulance with modern, state of the art equipment was developed and presented to the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur’s B C Roy Hospital by a group of IIT alumni. Most of the critical patients need to be rushed to Kolkata, hence the need for a reliable and fully equipped ambulance is a boon to the students and staff.

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Expressing his gratitude, Partha P. Chakrabarti, Director of the institute and himself an alumnus, was concise but powerful with his words, “Delighted, Grateful, Happy to be part of IITKGP and its wonderful Alumni.”

Commenting on the project, Asoke Deysarkarl gave credit to Achin Juneja saying, “This ambulance program would not have been feasible so quickly if not for active help from Achin Juneja – my batch and wing mate at Vidyasagar Hall of residence.”

IIT Ambulance 3

In the absence of a top class medical facility at the institute, Deysakarl highlighted the “need for ambulatory service to take students/staff to the medical facilities.” He further explained, “We have made an attempt to ensure a zero-defect transportation mechanism so that that there is no breakdown of the ambulance on its way. These two objectives were the goals of IIT Foundation. Our next step will be to enhance the communications between students and administration so that students in need for help can seek help through 1-800 and similar processes.”

Honoring his alma mater, Ranbir (Ron) Gupta added, “We live by IIT Kharagpur motives every day … it’s our temple.”

“When someone gets sick, a high tech ambulance can save lives. Usually if a help arrives in minutes, the technician can save a life. This ambulance will save lives,” said Vinod (Vin) Gupta, another alumnus.

“Learn, Earn and Return,” the mantra coined by Late Dr. Giri Lal Gupta was again incarnated as his son Vin Gupta along with other alumni of IIT Kharagpur at IIT Foundation supported an initiative for a modern ambulance for their alma mater and safeguard lives.

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