Protesters Nationwide, Including Mar-a-Lago, Demand Release of Trump’s Tax Returns

Protesters, on US tax day, were demanding that the president release his tax returns

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Washington, DC/Mar-a-Lago – Americans marched today (April 15) across the nation demanding that President Donald Trump release his tax returns according to reports pouring in from different states, including Mar-a-Lago, where the president is spending his long Easter weekend again.

According to reports from Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump this afternoon left the Trump International Golf Club and returned to Mar-a-Lago but faced hundreds of protesters marching on the road demanding the president release his tax returns.

A vehicle known as the “Trump mobile,” complete with abundant chrome trim, stars and stripes, a Trump puppet above the windshield, and signs saying “Make America Great Again” and “Trump Pence,” exited the golf club at 1:10pm local time. The motorcade drove out of the Trump Int’l Golf Club at 1:29 pm.

As motorcade took the long loop of Australian Avenue around Palm Beach International, a parked Air Force One was clearly visible in a far corner of the airport, according to the journalists traveling with him as the White House Correspondents’ Pool.

After a drive along the sparkling beach the motorcade arrived at Mar-a-Lago at 1:50 pm, when the journalists were peeled away from the motorcade and were headed back to their hotel.

Hundreds of Protestors

Within a minute of splitting from the presidential convoy, the journalists encountered hundreds of protesters who, on US tax day, were demanding that the president release his tax returns.

Demonstrators marching toward Mar-a-Lago 04:15 in Palm Beach, FL !

“Pay your taxes!” several people yelled as they marched toward Mar-a-Lago. “This is what democracy looks like,” some chanted, including a handful of women wearing “pussy hats” made famous during the anti-Trump protests after his inauguration. A man held up a sign that read “Just say Nyet!”

Demonstrators marching toward Mar-a-Lago 04:15 in Palm Beach, FL 3

Others read “Show Me the Money,” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Czar, Putin Put You Where You Are.” One young girl among the marchers held a small sign that read “Trump is a tax e-VADER.” It showed an image of Darth Vader wearing a blonde hair piece.

Handful of Supporters

There were also a handful of Trump supporters waving Trump flags offering counter protests. The journalists termed the environs peaceful, from what they could see from their limited vantage point in a moving van.

Earlier the motorcade had left the Mar-a-Lago club grounds around 8:46 in the morning, and after an uneventful drive, President Trump had entered the Trump International Golf Club.

The White House did not elaborate on exactly what the president did at at the club, under partly sunny skies and a temperature hovering around 75 degrees F.

In Washington, DC

Back in the US capital, there were hundreds of protesters taking over the Capitol lawn demanding that President Trump release his tax returns.

Protestors from North Carolina, New York and Oregon were identifying themselves as some wore the signature pink hats from the January 21 Women’s March that drew millions.

Addressing the gathering Democrat Senator Ron Wyden from Oregon said, “My message for the president is short enough to tweet. Today across America we are taking the gloves off, adding, “It’s time to knock off the tax rip offs. No more Cayman Island accounts for the insiders. No more tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas. No more special breaks for Wall Street.”

Mincing no words, Wyden attacked Trump saying, “Knock off the secrecy, Mr. President, and publicly release your own tax returns.” “Disclosing tax returns is the very lowest ethical bar for a president and we are going to insist that he clear it,” cautioned Wyden.

According to reports and attendees, there were plans to hold rallies in nearly 150 cities, including New York, Boston, Sacramento, California, and San Francisco.

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